Peruvian Christmas, the most colorful in the world

Peruvian Christmas, the most colorful in the world

Christmas in Peru is celebrated in a special way, because each town or region has its own peculiarities, All regions have something in common, dance and folklore are always there, and of course the Peruvian handicrafts in these times becomes one of the most representative cultural expressions, showing the religious and believers who are Peruvians.

Here I show this crib, made with a small pumpkin and painted pottery, all the work is at hand:

Christmas crib

They also have this crib in ceramics, each figure measures 3 cm, as you can see the detail is magnificent

Traditional Crib

traditional crib made with ceramic

The Peruvian Christmas is the most colorful in the world, for example in Lima, it has become customary to prepare the birth with the figures of Jose, Maria and the child Jesus, also they are adorned the houses with a pine tree full of lights and balls Christmas.

This preparation includes the elaboration of the Christmas dinner. It is customary to eat baked turkey or suckling pig, panetón, toast with champagne or a rich pisco sour and hot chocolate with clove and cinnamon.

In provinces, each region shows its own style. Some are distinguished by their handicrafts or gastronomy. In the first case, we mention Ayacucho where popular artists show their elaborate Retablos. There are all sizes. It is a work with a great cultural load that shows the syncretism between the catholic religion and the Andean cosmovisión.
In Cusco, the traditional Santurantikuy stands out, which is not a simple craft fair, but a meeting of the artisan community, a sign of its religious fervor. In the Santurantikuy stands the exhibit of Niño Manuelito, an image very venerated in Cusco.

And thus, each region has its characteristics that stand out, always within the religious framework.

Jose the carpenter

a figure of Jose made in ceramic

I hope you like the post about Peruvian Christmas and that at some point you can visit my beautiful country !

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