Handicraft cities in peru part 1 – Ayacucho

I started this post with the idea of talking about five cities of Peru: Ayacucho, Pucallpa, Cusco, Tarapoto and Lima, however as I investigated more and more, I realized that this post was going to become very long, so I will do it in several parts,
I’ll start talking about Ayacucho:

Ayacucho is one of the most important architectural and artistic cities in Peru. It is known as the city of churches, for its many temples and churches, and a stately city, for its architecture, tradition and art.

Ayacucho is internationally renowned for its artistic manifestations in which Renaissance, Baroque and Mestizo styles are mixed, which is why it has been declared as “Capital of Folk Art and Peruvian Craft”

Among these art samples, stand out:

The little church´s: You can see them on every roof of Huamanga. If you want to buy the originals, you have to travel to Quinua, its about 30 minutes from the city. There you will find the artisans with a wide collection of ceramics that emerge fresh from their kilns. They call it “the people of the hands that speak”.


The retablos: These painted boxes harbor births or custom scenes. There is every size and price. You can not leave Huamanga without seeing a character born before your eyes. In the workshop of the Pizarro family (Jr. National University San Cristóbal de Huamanga 278, at the height of the Church of Bethlehem) you can see this process and take you a gift. Did you know that authentic ones are made from potato flour?


Embroidery: In Huamanga you will find fabrics so fine that they look three-dimensional. In Santa Ana you can visit the workshops of the Gallardo or Sulca family and watch them work on their looms, moving their hands with agility and feet as if they played the piano. Also look for the small museum above the church, with unique pieces and a shop where the youngest exhibit their creations. There are belts embroidered with beautiful flowers, just like the one you can fin in our store:

yellow belt


Ayacucho has much to offer, if you are thinking of visiting peru this city is a must stop.







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