Handicraft cities in Peru part 2 – Pucallpa

In the Ucayali basin by the year 1833 and with the rubber fever there was a great commercial movement. It was at that time when the first mestizo families were established in what is now the city of Pucallpa.

The name comes from two Quechua words “puca” (earth) and “allpa” (red). Then the name of Pucallpa means “red earth” name given by the color of its clay lands.


Pucallpa originated in the central jungle there was the Shipibo-Konibo ethnic group, one of the indigenous groups of eastern Peru.

The crafts that you can find in Pucallpa are:

  • Fabrics: The most outstanding of the craft shipibo are its fabrics, embroidered all by hand, in which they tell about their cosmovision. In Yarinacocha you will find a craft center where women come to exhibit their works. Maroti Shobo is located in a corner of the Plaza de Armas de Yarinacocha.

handmade fabric from pucallpa


  • Ceramics: The same enigmatic designs are reproduced in ceramics. Graciela Valdez has her workshop in the community of San Francisco. It is located on the straight, climbing the steps that reach the community from the port, a few steps from the fair where there are also beautiful fabrics.

ceramics from pucallpa


  • Shamanic paintings and sculptures: From Pucallpa born a tradition of paintings and sculptures, homages to the Amazonian nature and the vibrations of the ikaros (ritual songs). Elena Réategui decided to give them a space in their house-Sol de Mayo, so that they have where to expose themselves. With Elena you are in very good hands. Also visit the house of the painter Pablo Amaringo (Jr. Sánchez Cerro 465), was a precursor and some of his copies are for sale.


I hope you liked this post, there are still 3 more parts for this first post session on Peruvian artisan cities!!


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