Handmade blankets with looms from Perú

Handmade blankets with looms and ancestral techniques, Made in the Andean region, the Puna and the Altiplano.

handmade blankets

In many cases, the whole family breeds sheep, shearing them (from here sheep wool is obtained), then proceeding with the spinning in wool yarns, the colors are obtained with natural pigments or mineral dyes of the zone, taking advantage of crusts, seeds and fruits present in the mountains

The Colors of de Handmade blankets:

The artisans given those typical and cheerful colors, then begin to weave these beautiful fabrics that will fill their environment with color and joy.

The entire process of creating a blanket with sheep’s wool is at hand, but how do you get the wonderful colors of these blankets?

For the red color, the artisans use “cochinilla“, an insect that also its use as a natural kiss-proof lip, Is put to boil in a pot along with the wool dyed red

To change the tone of the same water they  put ‘Salt of Maras‘ and they take off the orange color. In another pot they boil the flower of Chincheros and then have the yellow color.

To obtain the green color they boil leaves of quilca, similar to the leaves of coca.

They boil tara seeds (good for throat inflammation) to remove the gray color.

The purple color is obtained by boiling the purple corn, for the brown color it is necessary to boil the dry leaves and for the blue color the wool must be boiled with the leaves of the ‘Quinsacucho’ (plant very good for rheumatism).

To extract different shades of red color they mix it with Maras salt. Finally to fix the dye they use a little volcanic stone that its boiled previously,

Explained one of the weavers of Chincheros, located at more than 3,700 meters is one of the 7 districts of the province of Urubamba in Cusco.

He added that after the dyeing the wool is dried for several days until ready to be used in the fabric of the loom by hand to make de handmade blankets.

handmade blankets

Nobles and resistant with important cultural load. They can be used as rugs, blankets, bedding, decorating an armchair, etc.
The measurements range from 185 cm x 170 cm to 150 cm x 140 cm approx. Weight: 3 Kg.

Material: sheep or llama wool. Dry clean with a damp brush or cloth only.

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