The Pucara bull a beautiful Art handmade in Peru

The Pucara bull a beautiful Art handmade in Peru and are an exaple of cultural syncretism in South America.


The Pucara Bulls are from the region of Pucara in Puno, represent prosperity and economic welfare. They are placed on roofs as a sign of good luck. They say that when you put both together is a symbol of prosperity for couples who are in the process of building a Family.


pucara bull made with ceramic and handmade painting

The Pucara Bull is a ceramic piece typical of Pupuja district, in the Azángaro province of the Peruvian department of Puno and traditionally sold at the Pucara train station.

pucara bull

pucara bull from peru

Used at the beginning in marking ceremonies and for procreation Of livestock, protection, happiness and fertility in married life, this ceramic piece has become a symbol of southern Andean identity.

two pucara bull

pucara bull from peru made in ceramic and hand painted

When the Spanish brought bulls to Peru during their conquest, these amazing animals quickly became part of indigenous Inca culture.

pucara bull

pucara bull from peru made in ceramic and hand painted


“That in Pukara, a long drought was recorded a long time ago, there was no water, the wells were drying up. Then one day an indigenous peasant came up with a sacrifice offering to God Pachakamaq, he decided to climb the Pukara Rock, carrying a bull with him and thus making his requests for rain. The bull he wore seemed to guess that something would happen to him and he resisted climbing with his master.
When he was up there, the bull wanted to climb on the rock, he managed to push the rock with his horn … And surprisingly, there was water, so much water that the people could survive. The population astounded by such a miracle greatly admired the bull. From that time the bull constituted a ritual element, used in the marking of the cattle. This led to the inspiration of pottery craftsmen, who at first was a symbol of ceremonies, and now they attributed power of protection, when it is placed on the roofs of the houses “

Edilburgo Castillo. 56 años


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