APEC 2016

Today culminates APEC 2016 Asia – Pacific Economic Cooperation,
We have received the visit of numerous world leaders, among which stand out, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Mark Zuckerberg, among other important presidents and representatives of the world economy,

apec 2016

apec 2016

Mark Zuckerberg on Apec, talking about our future:


Highlighted the work of my fellow Mariana Costa for bringing technology to low-income women in latioamerica,

The work of Mariana inspires me to follow this blog and my web page to reach more towns and to be able to get in touch with many artisans who because of lack of resources can not make known their products, this is precisely the main mission of inkaexports and I hope with your help, to be able to do it.

About Apec:

APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum) is a multilateral forum created in 1989 to consolidate the growth and prosperity of the Pacific countries, which deals with issues related to trade , Economic coordination and cooperation among its members.
As a mechanism for economic cooperation and concertation, it is aimed at promoting and facilitating trade, investment, economic and technical cooperation and regional economic development in the countries and territories of the Pacific Ocean basin.
The sum of the Gross National Product of the twenty-one economies that make up APEC is equivalent to 56% of the world’s production, while together they account for 46% of global trade.
APEC does not have a formal treaty. Their decisions are made by consensus and operate on the basis of non-binding declarations. It has a General Secretariat, based in Singapore, which is in charge of coordinating technical and consulting support. Each year one of the member countries is host to the annual APEC meeting. The current summit will be held in November 2016 in Lima, Peru.


If you want to know more about the apec and all related information please visit: www.apec2016.pe

For me It is a pride that this forum is held here in my dear Peru, and that everyone is talking about our wonderful country, which has much to offer both tourists who visit us and those who like handmade products,


Here I leave a very beautiful video made with a dron in lima, cuzco and amazonas:

Video credits: Julio Valencia Filmmaker

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